Our Story


Incorporated in 1924, Labelhouse is as old as the art of making labels itself, but we like to think of ourselves as modern printer with a similar approach. Sydney Staas began making labels in the late 1940’s, and build his business to have factories in every state of Australia, and internationally including New Zealand, Fiji and PNG under the names of Mr Labels, Labelhouse, Assta Labelhouse, Sydney Labels, LabelWorld – to name a few.

Syd Staas’s dedication to the print world is well known, and had huge success in fabric printing. Radical changes in the 1980’s required diversification into label manufacturing to assist the Australian business that are household names, with local made quality label solutions. His family through Assta Label House is still involved, and partners with Terry Rowney, who both are dedicated to supporting and investing in the Australian Manufacturing and Print industry family in which they have existed for over 60 years combined. Graeme Staas, our Director, with Brian McGuigan, help create the self-adhesive wine label material used now today all around the world.

Terry Rowney has also been in the label printing industry for over 30 years, with multiple successful businesses including Label Craft, Label Plus, Labelmakers WA, VisualFX and also assists keeping Newtown Jets Rugby League around & Parkes Leagues Club to keep him busy.

We love what we do, care for who we employee and take pride in building a relationship with customers as important as the quality of the products we produce. Labelhouse is built on employing local people to produce quality branding for our customers.

For all these years we have survived on word of mouth and repeat customers, but it is time for us to tell you what we do and how we can help you.


From 1947 to 1980’s Labelhouse was one of the largest printers for fabric labels and labels for carpets, curtains, furniture and many other fabric associated labels. Since the end of the ‘rag trade’, Labelhouse began to help winemakers, beverage makers and household names with their branding and label requirements.

A few Australian printers still exist, Australia’s tough manufacturing times resulted in internationals acquiring struggling factories, and then closed these moving employment and sections to other plants or often offshore to Indonesia or in established areas like New Zealand.

Labelhouse remains one of a few printers locally owned, and locally produced without a location outside of Australia.

Dedicated to employing local team members and helping you here. There is a demand for high-quality Australian made printed product, and continue to invest in the latest technology, training and staff. This is where Labelhouse returns to the story, since 1924 we have survived in design and manufacturing helping some of the largest names in the world, with product concept, design, packaging and printing to ensure their product competes on a world stage.


Labelhouse team possesses some of the best printing and design skills in Australia, after employing over 2,000 Australians, our owners agree that they remain dedicated to keeping knowledge local and product support responsive with only Australian factories.

Our Australian family owners are dedicated to remain and re-build our brand to mentor the new generation to ensure printing skills and knowledge will remain.

Every label is printed in Australia, by Australians. There is not only a large factory space, and investment in the best machinery, but a dedicated commitment to Australia skills and Australian manufacturing.

Customer Solutions

We pride ourselves on personal service and close interaction with our customers encouraging input and initiative to help achieve the desired result

Art Department

With the latest in computer technology our art department can offer assistance from simple artwork changes to complex label design.


With over eight new presses commissioned in recent times, Labelhouse is committed to investing in the latest technology as it becomes available.


Labelhouse provides a complete in house pre-press facility including plate making, negatives and both flat and rotary screen, enabling us to maintain quality control whilst providing a quick turnaround.

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